Here are a selection of testimonials we have collected over the years from runners and walkers of many different types.

"We are regular long distance walkers and walk on average around 1500 miles each year. We have both been plagued by blisters in the past despite wearing comfortable well fitting boots. Any walk in excess of 15-20 miles usually resulted in blisters, either on the heel, ball of the foot or base of the toes. None of the traditional cures/remedies have ever worked for us, so in desperation we looked on the internet for a solution and found your website. Your theory that if you reduce the friction you eliminate the blisters seemed reasonable. So based on the assumption that prevention is better than cure we purchased a trial pack of blister patches and have been absolutely delighted with the results. No more blisters at all, however many miles we walk or however bad the terrain. They are fantastic and really do work. They stick well and the first ones we used have now lasted over 300 miles and still show no real signs of wear. Now we never leave home without them and would highly recommend them to other walkers and hikers. We are looking forward to a blister-free completion of the Pennine Way this summer." Tony & Lin - Members of The Long Distance Walkers Association

"Since using ENGO Blister Prevention Patches my feet are 100% blister-free for the first time in years! Training for Marathons and running over 100 miles per week puts a considerable amount of strain on the feet and blisters were an occupational hazard for me until I was introduced to ENGO. I've always found traditional blister plasters applied to the skin to be ineffective as they quickly came loose from the skin and required replacing every few days, but since using ENGO patches applied directly to the inside of the trainers I haven't developed a single blister." Phil Wicks - Belgrave Harrier

"I was sent a couple of blister patches as a result of filling in my details on runners world website, and I just wanted to say thanks! I have always had problems with blisters in the same spot on my feet, so thought the engo patches would be worth a go (despite the fact that I was pretty sceptical about the claims!). I ran my first marathon yesterday and am delighted to report no blisters whatsoever in the normal problem zones. Amazing! Will definitely buy some next time around! Cheers" Harriet

"Well....I have to report that the ENGO patches.....WORKED!! They are blooming marvelous!! Not a sign of a blister at all. We went up Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr with no problems. Fantastic! I did take my old boots though just in case...and I did actually put them on at Glyder Fawr but not because of blisters - but because these new boots are just so bloody uncomfortable in general! My ankles are bruised where the leather is so stiff! They really are torture devices!! I may have to get a different pair of boots...I'm getting a bit tired of these expensive mistakes though. Whatever happens - and whatever I wear I will definitely be putting ENGO on the heels for good measure." Sophie

"Had cause to be grateful for ENGO blister prevention patches a few weeks ago. I don't normally get too many feet problems on distances up and over the 50 mile runs I do, but on tackling the 70-ish mile 'Great Glen Death March' coast to coast run across Scotland from Fort William to Inverness over the Easter weekend, I did start to get an uncomfortable hot spot on my left foot somewhere around halfway and up in the hills above Loch Ness. I had my patches with me of course, so a quick sock change and insertion of a patch under the offending spot in my shoe and I was away again with no problems (and no blister!) for the rest of the run." Phillip - Ultrarunner

"Some time ago you sent me a free sample pack of ENGO blister prevention pads and I said I would report back when I had occasion to use them. Much belatedly I have completed a walk along the Spanish Pyrenees and found they worked as predicted. I felt a blister about to form on the bottom of a big toe and applied a patch. Next day , no sign of a blister. A few days later I developed a real blister on my heel. Applied the patch and again the blister had gone within 24 hours. I shall now buy more for my next walk. Thanks for the sample (which convinced me!)".J.L. (Member of Long Distance Walkers Association)

"I have had consistent problems with blisters on both of my heels, particularly whilst running. I have a very prominent calcaneus bone in each foot, which used to cause me great problems. Before I discovered these patches, I tried changing running shoes, I tried numerous different pairs, and they did not seem to have an impact on my on-going problem with blisters. When I was given some blue heel pads by The London Orthotic Consultancy, I had tremendous improvements with the problem I was incurring. I have had no problems with blisters on my heel since I have been wearing these patches. My current pataches have lasted me 6 months, and are just about ready for renewal. I would recommend them to anybody who suffers any sort of skin irritation on their feet whist walking or running." Mark - Cheltenham Harriers

"I use full custom made Orthotic Insoles and experience a lot of heat resulting in blistering on the balls of my feet especially when using racing flats. Having just run the European Veterans Championship Marathon five weeks prior to my local marathon I gave them a go. They're great!! They stay put and you don't know that they are there unlike plasters that stick directly on your feet. It was a true test with the rain which soaked my feet and I had no blisters." C.F. -Tipton Harriers Athletic Club