Find the answers to your questions about our ENGO® blister prevention patches

  • Q: How does ENGO® prevent blisters from forming?

    A: Blisters are caused by friction. Heat and the resulting perspiration increase friction and weaken the skin. By reducing, or eliminating, any one of these three components, blister formation can be prevented. ENGO®reduces levels of friction so much that blisters do not form, even in the presence of heat and moisture.

  • Q: Does ENGO® help if I already have a blister?

    A: Yes. Apply ENGO® to the area of footwear that you think is responsible for your blister. ENGO® virtually eliminates rubbing between your footwear and your sensitive, damaged skin allowing IMMEDIATE RELIEF and FASTER HEALING TIME. 
    (NOTE: we recommend covering your blister with a traditional treatment method to provide protection from infection until your blister is healed)

  • Q: Can ENGO® help my calluses?

    A: Yes. Calluses are caused by the same repetitive skin loading that form blisters. The difference is that calluses develop at less intense levels of repetitive loading and require longer periods of time to form. By using ENGO® to reduce friction, epidermal cell proliferation and callus thickness are reduced. Callus reduction may take one to three months due to the delay in our skin's responsiveness.

  • Q: How long will each patch last?

    A: The average use is four weeks. It depends on your activity level & terrain. Users have gone 300+ miles on one patch. Compare that to one-time-use products. Replace patches when the blue top layer wears through, or completely releases from, the white support layer.

  • Q: Can I apply ENGO® to my skin?

    A: ENGO® was designed for footwear, insoles and socks, so we guarantee its effectiveness for those applications. ENGO® has not been tested on skin, so we cannot guarantee how long it will adhere to skin. ENGO® is latex-free in the event you choose to use patches in this manner.

  • Q: Can I apply ENGO® to socks?

    A: The toe area of some footwear is so small that you may not be able to easily apply ENGO® in this location. In that case, go ahead and put it on your socks. But note that while ENGO® stands up to sweat, we can't guarantee it will stand up to the 45 gallons of warm, soapy water used in the wash cycle.

  • Q: Does ENGO® have an expiry date?

    A: As long as you store your patches in the re-closable bag provided, ENGO®will last several years. When patches are not protected, the adhesive shelf life may be limited to 24 months.

  • Q: How thick is an ENGO® patch?

    A: ENGO® is about half the thickness of a credit/debit card and far more flexible! When ENGO® is applied to footwear, volume is virtually unaltered.

  • Q: What happens to the performance of ENGO® when my footwear gets wet?

    A: ENGO's performance is not adversely affected by sweat or low levels of moisture inside your footwear. Performance is affected when your footwear is soaked from the outside-in AND you continue participating in high intensity activity AND have not provided time for the footwear/patch to dry out.

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